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About FIFA 18 the Christmas presents

Will you finally have a good scorer for Christmas? It's finally the month of December. As every year EA will multiply operations offering FUT content at a lower price than usual. According to current rumors, the event will last from December 16 to January 2. Promotional offers will be there, the opportunity will be perfect to complete your dream team. Some free packs should be given around Christmas, if EA is in a generous mood. Different thematic challenges can also bring you lots of prizes, do not hesitate to do them.

Ecember has arrived, which can only mean one thing…FUTmas is coming!

This month, EA will flood FIFA 18 with lightning rounds, new pack offers, free packs, increased chances of finding in-form players and loads more bonuses.

Just like last year, there may even be an exclusive FUTmas kit (below).

FUTmas is a festive promotion that has been running each year since FUT 13.

FIFA fans speculate that FIFA 18 FUTmas will kick off on December 16 and run until January 2nd, 2019.

While we’re not sure exactly how it will roll out, we can take some clues from the last couple of years.

We’d expect FUTmas to begin with unlimited Jumbo Premium Gold (15k) Packs in the FUT store for the duration of the promotion.

Each day there will be at least one new offer, and around Christmas Eve (December 24th) we could see free untradeable packs to all users.

On Christmas Day (December 25th) we could see multiple offers, as well as another free pack.

Finally, lightning rounds could become available at the start of every hour throughout Boxing Day (December 26th) – so there’s plenty to get excited about.