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Adjustment and Modification of the Forza Horizon 4 Vehicle is the Focus of Players

The FH4 car interior modification system is very open, the drive mode and the engine can be replaced. It is recommended to keep the rear wheel drive if the rear drive is controlled. In addition, for RWD vehicles with twin-turbo, unless you are specifically targeting high-speed track tuning, it is not recommended, not only does the conversion score account for a lot, but also increases the weight and turbo delay.
Replacement of Power Unit and Modification
First of all, for RWD cars, weight distribution becomes extremely important, and since RWD does not transmit power as effectively as 4WD/AWD vehicles, the replacement engine becomes less important, and, in general, the original engine feels the most. Ok, the weight distribution is also very good.
Regarding the air intake problem, the NA can be on the NA (RWD). For the same reason as the previous chapter, the power is difficult to transmit to the ground. The horsepower is also the endless SPIN, and the huge turbo delay. And weight, if the natural suction power is really not enough, it is recommended to supercharge, if the mechanical boost is not enough, then the turbine is recommended.

The FH4 Car Interior


With regard to the bottom speed engine such as Mei Ben to 6.3 (2) V8, the torque will burst out at a lower situation, and the start can also have a greater advantage, and the 4 drive is used to run high speed tracks. Generally speaking, high speed means high speed but at the expense of low twist, but the 4WD system will be a cumbersome at high speed, excessive friction, and weight problems etc., which offsets the advantages of the high-speed engine. If you really want to run a long high speed track, it is recommended to slow down the horsepower.
About Front Four Drive
The steering characteristics of the front 4 drive are relatively neutral, but it is still understeer. If you are you looking for more abou Forza Horizon 4 Credits for sale check out our website. In theory, the 4WD has the best starting performance, but the 4WD system will introduce more weight and friction at high speed. No matter whether it is refueling or deceleration in the corner, it will not cause too much negative effect. After all, the front and rear wheels are all driving wheels. In fact, in my personal opinion, the 4WD is a strengthened front-end platform.
The Rear Engine
The rear rear drive actually reverses the characteristics of the FF, but since the drive wheel does not take care of the steering, the acceleration and deceleration are relatively less negative for the steering, because the rear rear drive is on the rear wheel. The load is more, and the MR model has better acceleration than the FR. Similarly, due to inertia, the RR type car tends to oversteer when entering the corner.
So, how to adjust, in general, the first step is to consider the speed problem. FH4 and many of the original factory gear ratio problems in the game is that the first few files are too dense, the next few files are too loose. So the first thing, reduce the pointer drop every time you shift gears, don't consider any acceleration and speed issues at this time.