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Animal Crossing fans find coffee shop and art gallery references

The inhabitants of Animal Crossing have been dropping hints about adding the coffee shop and museum art gallery but will it be paid-for DLC? New Horizons is easily the best entry in the Animal Crossing franchise, but it’s far from the only one. It’s actually the fifth mainline game, amongst numerous spin-offs, and while the core gameplay is always the same many features and characters come and go between sequels.

Twitter user @sylvidia shared a video of their villager engaged in conversation with Fang, the cranky wolf with the bedroom eyes and much love for holiday sweaters. Their dialogue seems to directly reference something that isn't in the game yet."Can't say I know much about art… But I like that there's some in the museum here for me to gawk at," Fang says. "I just kinda stand there for a bit starin' at each piece, tryin' to look real thoughtful-like, cha-chomp."

As you can see, Fang talks about an art gallery that, at present, isn't even a thing. Does this mean that Nintendo originally planned to include an art gallery, or is the plan to patch it in at a later date? We're definitely hoping for the latter. If you need Buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Money, you can visit our site

Well, Animal Crossing New Horizons is enjoying its first big event right now, and it'll end with the Bunny Day celebration on April 12.We can expect any new updates or content drops to appear in the game after that – but since Nintendo has not announced anything, we can't be too sure of a timescale right now.Perhaps we'll see these new updates arrive with the next free update that will take place at the end of April, which is set to introduce Earth Day.

For now, Nintendo has made no official announcement regarding any Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC plans. The museum makes a lot of sense as a place to expand going forward. That doesn't mean that Nintendo will do so, however, and this Fang dialogue may be an artifact remaining from a canceled feature. Nintendo also hasn't shared any plans for independent DLC, just seasonal event DLC. It might be presumptuous to consider DLC plans before Nintendo's even announced their intent, but hopefully, Nintendo shares more info soon.