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Contract Killer 2 is available as a free download from the Mac App Store

In its current form, Glu Mobile's Contract Killer 2 is one heck of an assassination game, as players travel to different locations across the globe sniping high-value targets. That said, there's always room for improvement, so on that note, here are the features we'd most like to see.

As the Contract Killer you've taken down the Cartels, silenced the Mafia, and gutted the Yakuza. Now the enemy forces have gone international with well-organized networks and even more devastating intentions. Your standard issue weaponry won't be enough to eliminate these threats; you will need to become an expert with the assassin's tools - sniper rifles, assault weapons, throwing knives and other melee essentials. To survive in this line of work, you have to sneak your way in and shoot your way out!

Contract Killer 2's protagonist, Jack Griffin, is somewhat of an empty shell. There's little to no backstory on where he came from and why he took on the role of being a sniper. We're not asking for Assassin's Creed complexity, but rather a deeper look into this guy so we care about whether he lives or dies. One primary bad guy to rule all bad guys wouldn't hurt, either. Would give us something to play for, AKA his demise. If you need Buy Contract Killer 2 Weapons, you can visit our site

To keep you motivated to play, Glu overhauled the mission system into a mode of challenge that is actually the same thing. Here you can see the challenges available and try to achieve them to get gold and extra money. These challenges vary from starting to kill 10 enemies with a knife or headshot as much as 20x.

Overall Contract Killer 2 is better than the first version, although the realistic level is still very lacking as enemies who are shot in the neck repeatedly will not die. With the free price, more varied gameplay and the elimination of the energy system, I can say that Contract Killer 2 is a fun game.