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Corresponding to Different Stages of the Computer When you Play the FIFA 19 Game

At first, you need to prepare three sets of tactics in advance in the dynamic tactical bar, one is ordinary, one is bus, one is recycling. We will not say it normally. The bus is where everyone returns to the defense, maximizing the width of the formation and minimizing the depth of the formation. Recycling is between the bus and the ordinary. Here you need to prepare three dynamic tactics. If you don't know how to set it up, you can study the custom tactics in the lineup.
The 352 formation, the strongest in the midfield, the strong connection in FIFA 19 between the midfield and the backcourt. The long-range shot of the computer will only kick in the 45 range from the center of the penalty area. It is just covered by the 352 back defense type, so this formation, as long as you set the crab step, you can spend the first 30 minutes and look for opportunities.

Strong Connection in FIFA 19


The First Stage
In fact, this stage is our best opportunity. The difficulty of the legendary computer at this stage is slightly higher than the world level. It will not actively fight for it. Do not believe that you can let the defender hold the ball, their forwards will only look at you silly. , will not come up to break the ball, the defensive intensity of the computer lineup at this stage is also relatively low, this stage needs to fight for 1-2 goals, if you do not score, then it will become more and more difficult to play.
Play In the first 30 minutes, the defense of the computer on the sidewalk is very poor you can judge by the striker taking the ball and watching the response of their defenders, so the main way is to break through the sideline and knock down the triangle at the bottom line or Directly passed.
In the first 30 minutes, the computer defender is also weak on the defensive midfielder. He often hits the header and the triangle is broken. You need to finish the kick at the left or right side of the arc of the penalty area.
The computer will assist the 2-3 players in the middle of the shot, but the defense of these two positions will be in a wait-and-see state. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning Buy FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Coins kindly go to our internet site. If you cut in from here and take a shot, the computer will be difficult to react in the first time. We think it is the biggest weakness of the current SQB legendary computer. Seize the opportunity, in the first 30 minutes, use the pass and the above 2 points to cut the ball to get the goal.
The Second Stage
At this stage, if the computer scored two goals before, it will continue to pass two and rarely pass. But if the computer does not break through the goal, the computer will turn into a side-by-side breakthrough. At this point in time, the computer will obviously change the tactics, look for opportunities from the side, and add Great defensive strength.
Play: There is no difference between the offensive method and the first stage. However, on the defensive side, we will adjust the dynamic tactics from normal to recycling at this stage, reduce the width of the formation, enhance the defense and competition in the restricted area, and avoid the computer. The header was leaking.