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Crema shared its future plans for Temtem with a blog

Temtem has only been out for a little over a month now, but fans are already curious where developer Crema plans to take its massively multiplayer creature-collecting game from here. To that end, Crema released a series of roadmaps– both short-term and longer-term– detailing plans that the studio has for Temtem in the coming year.

The Pokemon-inspired MMO takes players to the Airborne Archipelago, where they can explore the game's world, collect Temtems, battle other tamers and adventure with friends. Temtem went over quite well with fans at launch if the game's Steam reviews are anything to go by, so fans should be glad to know that Crema has ideas for additions to the game all the way through summer 2021. If you need Buy Temtem Pansun, you can visit our site

For spring, the studio is aiming to include ranked matchmaking, spectator mode, in-game chat with chat bubbles, and club management. The ranked matchmaking and spectator mode are notably marked as "V1," so the studio still plans to iterate on both. In the summer, it will add the new Kisiwa Island with 25 more temtem, player housing, climbing gear, and revisions to emotes. Finally, in fall players will get another 25 temtem including the first mythical monster, in-game tournaments, a quest diary, and achievements.

The developer also promised updates coming soon on mid-term goals. Some of those include a Trading House, Dojo Wars, and more details about the end-game. Temtem has drawn comparisons to Pokemon, and has borrowed some inspiration and ideas from the classic monster-battling series. Recently it introduced a new area inspired by Pokemon Red/Blue, and it has used double battles as a major feature. It got off to a strong start on Steam.