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DrakonmanTheFox managed to recreate Northrend, the continent from the MMORPG WoW

Valheim is a phenomenon. World of Warcraft is (yes, still) a phenomenon. But what happens when you cross these two games?

This question was probably asked by a modder nicknamed Drakonman the Fox, who published his work called Northrend on the Nexus Mods website. As the name suggests, he actually transferred a map of the Nordic continent to Valheim, where Prince Arthas found destruction and which we could then conquer in the Wrath of the Lich King data disk.

To do this, you must first download Better Continents and install this modification (if you do not have it). After that, you should download the mod itself to Northrend from the link, and then unpack the "World of Warcraft - Northrend" Zip file into a folder along the path: \ AppData \ LocalLow \ IronGate \ Valheim \ worlds.

Out there over on Nexus mods and noticed by PCGamesN, modder Drakonman The Fox has broadly remapped the panorama of Northrend onto Valheim. It is considerably becoming, too—Wrath Of The Lich King notably launched the Vrykul, a race of large vampiric Norsemen, into canon. If you would like, you possibly can fake you are laying down their roots for the very first time.

If you’ve ever broken out of the World of Warcraft loop, Northrend is a chilly continent north of Azeroth. It’s the source of the Scourge, but it’s also home to the Rich King’s seat, the Ice Crown Citadel. Locales work great with the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King extension. You may be surprised to know this,

The modification is purely cosmetic and moreover, Northrend tries to simulate it from the point of view of biomes, so definitely don’t expect the majestic Icecrown Citadel or other iconic buildings. Still, if you want to remember a little and don’t want to pay for a subscription, a specially created map may come in handy.

Beginning in Howling Fjord, Drakonman has additionally made changes to mirror the WoW growth’s issue curve. Places like Burial Chambers and Sunken Crypts will spawn nicely outdoors their supposed biomes, serving to you progress all the best way into the deep north of Icecrown.

If you are looking to enter Walheim yourself, our Walheim Progression and Walheim Building Guide will take you to a good start. But if it’s more Walheim mods you’re looking for, you can find what your mind wants at that very link.

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