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Far Cry New Dawn Specialists: How to Rescue Nick Rye

One of the familiar faces returning in Far Cry New Dawn, you'll hear a lot about Nick Rye, but you won't see him for a while when you start the game. Although you meet his wife Kim and daughter Carmina very quickly, Nick was captured by the Highwaymen. As one of the game's five Specialists, alongside characters like Bean and Selene, you need Nick in order to upgrade Prosperity to tier 3. Rescuing him isn't going to be easy, however.
In our Far Cry New Dawn review, Julian finds that the game's new complications add too much busy work. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning Far Cry New Dawn Credits kindly go to our internet site. Other critics as collected in our score roundup broadly aggregate alongside our 7/10 rating, though there are a significant number of outliers both above and below that. It's a solid game by most accounts, though not an especially impressive one. Since Ubisoft has been building on the same formula since Far Cry 3 in 2013, it looks like we're to the point of diminishing returns.
While Bean and Selene can be found relatively close to Prosperity, Nick Rye and the fourth Specialist, Sharky Boshaw, are a bit further out, towards the northeast of the county. You should quickly find that you have his location marked on your map, along with a radio message you can listen to. As such, finding him won't be a problem. However, Nick isn't easy to rescue. It's recommended that you upgrade to at least tier 3 weapons, as you'll be facing tier 3 enemies. Once you reach the end of the route, Nick will indicate another boatshed for you to stop the Carmina in. Once you do, you'll get to watch a cutscene of Nick's happy reunion with Kim and Carmina back at Prosperity. After that, Nick will be unlocked as a Specialist and take up residence in Prosperity's garage. You'll also gain access to the Carmina flightless seaplane if you want to use it again.
The scourge of Hope Valley is a pair of sisters known primarily as The Twins, who lead a violent gang that seems intent on terrorizing everyone and gobbling up what little resources remain. There's not much more to them than that. But that lack of depth actually makes them an ideal Far Cry villain: the twins and their crew are irredeemably bad, so you don't feel bad killing hundreds of them. The goal, as in virtually every game in the series, is not just to take out the bad guys, but to expand your domain across Hope Valley.
Well, given how difficult ethanol is to come across in the game, you're just going to have to suck it up because hijacking and transporting ethanol tankers back to base (or liberated outposts) is one of the easiest ways to score it. Each tanker gives you 75 units of ethanol. Early on, this can be annoying if you try to push the limits of the game in a way you're not meant to. Heading too far into the map and needing to use up hundreds of bullets to take down a rank 3 bear you encounter isn't terrifying as much as it is silly, and eventually, the demands of story missions will stop you from going too far.