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FIFA 21 PS5 Exclusive Features Detailed

FUT 21 Coins EA has outlined the next-gen upgrades for FIFA 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X and it’s fair to say that the PlayStation version has the edge.

Of course the game on the newest generation of consoles — and the PlayStation 5 in particular — does so much more than that but for more than a decade EA Sports’ soccer sim has had the best time-killing mode in sports gaming. That’s out the window writes EA’s Gabe Zaro on the PlayStation Blog with it taking fewer than two seconds to get from a pregame menu into a Kick-Off (play now) match.

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Also exclusive to PS5 players is Activity Cards which let you jump to your favourite mode directly from the PlayStation home screen. Combined with the lightning fast load times provided by the power of PS5 you’ll be able to get into matches quicker than ever before. We’re clocking in at under two seconds from the pre-game menu to a Kick-Off match. Sorry Cheap FIFA 21 Coins pre-game practice arena fans!

The game also takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the PS5 and its haptic controller. The triggers act as analogues for your feet: shoot with your left and you’ll feel the impact under your left finger; a crunching blow to the right ankle will jolt the appropriate finger. As your players tire towards the end of the game you’ll feel physical resistance when you pull on the trigger – it will be harder to break into a sprint with weary legs.

In a post on the official PlayStation Blog EA revealed that the DualSense's haptic feedback will respond to what happens on the pitch. Whether that’s making a last-ditch block to stop the opposition scoring or hitting the woodwork after a 30-yard effort you’ll feel these moments in the palm of your hand thanks to the controller’s new vibration technology. has provided coins service to millions of FIFA Players for many years,we are committed to providing the top- quality FIFA 21 Coins with the most reasonable prices fast delivery security guarantee convenient order track system and 24/7 custom service.