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Full List of FIFA 19 Promo Pack New Year Gift for FUT Fans

EA Sports is a video game company, they not only make video games but also sell video games and hold eSports events for nearly all sports video games like FIFA 19, Madden 19, NHL 19, NBA Live 19 etc. 2K Sports is left behind in eSports industry, they have no choice but to join the eSports campaign that lead by EA. It’s a disgrace but their NBA 2K19 make a little turn tide for their sales volume this year (2019). Let’s see what’s new in FIFA 19 Promo Pack and Jumbo Rare Player packs and how to get all of them to show off around your partners in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.
Starting XI Lineup and Reserves
All famous footballers you can tell the name will be included in the roster, because EA Sports is dare to make any superstar outside the list or else they won’t get the franchise from their club, that’s really a mess out.For same reason, we won’t miss any of the
Goalkeeper: De Gea
CB: Marcelo
CB: Sergio Ramos
CB: Varane
CM: De Bruyne
CM: Kante
CM: Modric
ST: Messi
ST: Neymar

FIFA 19 2019 Promo Pack

Cheap FUT 19 Packs and FIFA 18 Promo Packs 2019
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10k Elite packs
25k Rare packs
35k Mega packs
50k Rare Players packs
65k Rare Mega packs
90k Epic packs
100k Jumbo Players packs
130k Special Ultimate packs

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Second Stage of Team of the Year Packs
TOTY Challenge Rewards: Gold Players Premium Pack Expires: 6pm, Jan 9
PL Upgrade Rewards: 2 Premier League Premium Gold (Untradeable) Expires: 6pm, Jan 16
LaLiga Santander Upgrade Rewards: 1 La Liga Premium Gold (Untradeable) Expires: 7pm, Jan 24
Premier League Rewards: 2 La Liga Premium Players (Untradeable) Expires: 4pm, Jan 12
Bundesliga Upgrade Rewards: 2 Bundesliga Premium Gold (Untradeable) Expires: 5pm, Jan 14
Premium Bundesliga Upgrade Rewards: 1 Bundesliga Premium Players (Untradeable)
Ligue 1 Conforama Leveling Rewards: 2 Ligue 1 Premium Gold Expires: 3pm, Jan 24
Premium Serie A TIM Rewards: 2 Serie A Premium Players (Untradeable) Expires: 6am, Jan 24
Once you start to play the game FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, you will be in financial crisis always. If you spend money to play the game, and buy elite players with real money in transfer market, you will be one of the most stupid gamer in FIFA history. Now you have a chance to get free Ronaldo and messi for your squad.