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Genshin Impact has a planned 1.1 update coming soon

Genshin Impact Account for Sale The new free-to-play MMO hasn’t been out in the world for all that long but it already has a planned 1.1 update coming soon. Genshin Impact will receive a few big changes with 1.1 and although details are slightly scarce there are a few comprehensive leaks and some official notes to go on plus the developer roadmap laid out by Mihoyo in a blog post.

Players have been eagerly waiting for an update with many already having reached the end of the currently available storyline and the most determined among have already maxed out a majority of their characters. With little left to do developer miHoYo needs a way to keep players invested in the game. Luckily PC data miners giving miHoYo time to ensure the update's quality is to their standards.

Genshin Impact 1.1. Patch Notes

  • You will be able to lock certain equipment meaning that artifacts and weapons of your choosing will be exempt from being automatically fed into the "aut0-add" function for enhancing.
  • An updated "Encyclopedia" will offer more details on monsters animals plants and more.
  • A new "God Detector" item will allow you to detect Anemoculus and Geoculus Buy Cheap Genshin Impact Accounts enabling you to make offerings to Statues of the Seven more easily. This item will be unlockable for free via in-game activities.
  • Fixes to elemental combos — particularly the combination of Water and Shock — will come into play.
  • When enhancing or refining weapons and artifacts the extra experience that extends over the limit will be retrievable as a kind of "ore," as opposed to being wasted and lost forever.
  • A report function will be added to the game in order to pinpoint toxic players.
  • This might not make 1.1 and might be held back until 1.2 but a system for instantly taking medicine or eating food to restore health is in the works so you don't have to open your backpack mid-fight.

Although there are a bunch of smaller quality of life changes arriving with 1.1 one of the biggest and most notable features reportedly coming to the update is the reputation system. This means that each region will have its own reputation level and special rewards with characters having their own reputation level that can be increased within areas by exploring and doing side quests and possibly bounties and requests (although information is sparse on this). Of course upping your reputation will provide perks and unlock goodies such as new cooking recipes and potentially skins.

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