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Hellfire Peninsula war resolution

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Most of the level 58-70 dungeons listed below are in the warmane Outland through the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands.portals from city capitals that will take you to the Dark Portal in Hellfire Peninsula. Two of the dungeons are located in Tanaris in the Caverns of Time and one resides on the Isle of Quel'danas accessable through the portal in Shattrath. Must be level 70 to access Quel'danas through the Shattrath portal, though you can fly there manually from Eversong Forest once you have the flight point learned.

Hellfire Peninsula - The Blood Furnace - LV59
 The Blood Furnace is the second wing of the Hellfire Citadel. It is located above Hellfire Ramparts, inside of the tower that overlooks the ramparts themselves. The entrance is on the Alliance (Southern) side of the Citadel, up a ramp. Through this instance, players discover that it is Magtheridon that is entrapped by the Fel Orcs' sorcery, and they're using his blood to manufacture a new Fel Horde, infused with his demonic energy.

Hellfire Peninsula - The Shattered Halls - 70
Hellfire Citadel is the headquarters of the Fel Orcs of Outland; it's an impenetrable bastion that once served as the base of operations for the orcs throughout the First and Second Wars. Kargath Bladefist and his Fel orcs now make their home in the citadel.
The Shattered Halls is a level 70 instance in Hellfire Peninsula commonly referred to as "SH," serving as the third wing of Hellfire Citadel, with Kargath Bladefist as the final boss. Although it originally required a specific key just to open up normal modes, it has been removed along with other keys in patch 4.2.

Hellfire Peninsula - 58 ~ 70
Hellfire Peninsula is intended to be the first questing zone players hit after passing through The Dark Portal, designed for level 58-62 characters. It is a scorched zone, the site of many former battles and the massacre of the Draenei. Players are introduced early on to the threat of the Burning Legion at The Legion Front, further learning about Magtheridon's creation of the corrupted Fel Orcs and the sacrifices made in past battles on Draenor. Players also begin to learn about Draenic and Orcish culture in quest hubs in the western peninsula.

Hellfire Peninsula - Hellfire Ramparts - Lv 57
The Hellfire Ramparts (often known as just "Ramparts") are the first wing of the Hellfire Citadel instance in Hellfire Peninsula. The citadel itself sits in the center of the zone, in the middle of a broken-up wall that divided the zone before the conflict began. The Ramparts takes place atop this wall along the sides of the citadel.

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