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Here are everything about FIFA 22 Silver Stars Randy Nteka

Another week, another Silver Stars card up for grabs.Joining the TOTW 5 lineup is a special silver card that can be obtained only via the Objectives menus. This weeks player of choice is LaLiga Santander forward, Randy Nteka.

It’s a 74-rated version of Randy Nteka from Rayo Vallecano. This is the third Silver Star card released in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and there are many more to come throughout the year, as was the case in the last edition of the game.

FIFA players will need to complete three objectives. All of these objectives must be completed within the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge. The Silver Lounge is a type of friendly—which has no bearing on your club record or contract status of your players—in which users can play with a team full of Silver cards, and just Silver cards.

Silver Stars Randy Nteka Expiry Date
This Silver Stars card landed in FIFA at 6pm BST on Wednesday, October 20th.

It will remain in-game for one week, leaving the menus at the same time next week (Wednesday, October 27th).

Silver Stars Randy Nteka Objectives - How to Unlock
The good news is that while there's only a short window to snag Randy Nteka, you've also only got a few Silver Stars Objectives to complete.
  •     Win three: Win three matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.
  •     Score eight: Score eight goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.
  •     Assist six: Assist six goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.

Silver Stars Randy Nteka Objectives Tips
We're still early in the FIFA 22 year, but the Silver Stars are already shaping up to be one hell of a collection.The best tip that we can give to those looking to complete this card is to try and help the community out by 'boosting' in the Silver Lounge.

Boosting is where you and your opponent allow one another to complete the required objectives by refraining from defending whilst your opponent is on the attack.

Even with his lower overall rating, Silver Stars Randy Nteka has his power placed where it counts, showed at the top level by his 89 in Physicality and 80+ overall attributes for Pace, Shooting, and Dribbling.

As we take a deeper look at his underneath stats, Silver Stars Nteka has got 80+ ratings in pretty much all of his most important attributes.