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Hero Plus is a massive multiple online role play game features grand world map, various mobs and bosses

Hero Plus is a massive multiple online role play game features grand world map, various mobs and bosses. Similar with traditional MMORPG, the game requires you to create a character and set its name, tribes, gender, initial attributes, birthplace and class. Once you step into the game, you ought to follow the tutorial guidance to get familiar with the basic operations and world maps of the game. There’s a unique level up system that allows you to fight upper level mobs to gain more exp when in low level.

The gameplay is similar to most of online games, features a set of interesting and challenging quests, various of mobs, dungeons, bosses and rare loots. Aroused many gamers’ interest around the world, who loved this kind of online video game. You need to level up fast to gain more skills for your character building for a more powerful build. You farming way won’t be plain since there’re numerous of online gamers will PvP with you or team up with you for killing an awesome bosses together. Hack tools or scripts are prohibited to be used in the game or else your account will be compromised or banned.

Hero Plus Key Features

Five Unique Classes – Will you be master of the field of battle as the Ruthless Blade? Or will you use a combination of stealth and precision, and become The Piercing Eyes? Or perhaps you will follow a more mystical road, and become the Majestic Muse?

Improve Your Skills – The more you do, the better you get. The better you get, the more you can do! To improve your skills, you need to level up and spend skill points.

Pets and Mounts – A diverse array of animal companions ensure you need never travel alone! Pets fight by your side, and mounts carry you into the heat of battle, and across the land quickly.

Hero Plus Gold is the in-game currency of the game, which you will need to purchase in-game items, weapons, and gears. If you have difficulty in accumulating Hero Plus Gold, you can track through our game guides. If you have not sufficient time to grinding with mobs or enemies, we now can provide you with the cheapest Hero Plus Gold and Hero Plus Accounts for you at a very decent price!