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Heroic Expedition is coming to iOS and Android on 7th April

Heroic Expedition is a mix of RPG, roguelike and city builder. Featuring a vivid art style, the game has you assemble a colourful cast of characters to battle the monsters infesting the Divine Realm. These combat scenarios are presented in the form of traditional RPG-style battles, where the spoils of war are spent on summoning more heroes to your cause and upgrading your kingdom.DHGames has revealed a new mobile RPG called Heroic Expedition is coming to iOS and Android on 7th April.

Featuring a vivid and outstanding art style, like a magical Nordic painting brought to life, assemble a colorful cast of characters and battle the monsters infesting the Divine Realm. Heroic Expedition is a unique mix of RPG, roguelike, and city construction. In battle, players will challenge the Lord Of Disaster and his monster hordes in RPG-style combat. The spoils of war can then be spent on summoning more heroes to your cause and upgrading your kingdom. Players can reap the rewards of their adventures even when they’re offline as Heroic Expedition features a non-stop idle rewards system.

There are two modes for combat you can participate in: PvE-style boss battles which you can do with other players formed as part of a guild, and PvP arenas where you can fight against other players located across the globe. Heroic Expedition has tailored itself to suit your preferences.

Get to know the Android version of the Heroic Expedition Game
Actually, the game in the mobile version is almost the same as the PC version game. It's just that, now it will be easier to play because it will slide on Android and iOS, so you can play it anytime and anywhere.

It’s also a bit of an idle game, as you can streamline certain activities to occur while offline using a non-stop idle rewards system. Furthermore, you can unleash your heroes in an optional Auto-Battle mode which allows them to fight without your input, whether online or offline.

Fantastical Features:
  •     Explore the Norse Fantasy through Heroic Expedition’s exquisite art style!
  •     Fight against the Lord of Disaster, source of the Divine Realm’s tragic fate.
  •     Non-stop idle rewards! Your heroes battle and collect rewards even when offline!
  •     Auto-battle and collect your loot with just one click!
  •     Awaken and evolve epic heroes! Five factions of detailed 3D characters to collect!
  •     Build your own dream team and unleash their dazzling skills on the battlefield!
  •     Build and expand your city to unlock more features and gameplay!
  •     Cultivate your heroes to challenge expeditions, labyrinths, and dimensional bosses in PvE!
  •     Join a guild, fight alongside your comrades, build it up and get more resources for all!
  •     Compete against rivals worldwide in global PvP! Claim glory for yourself and your guild!
  •     Rise up the ranks, become king of the arena, and claim marvelous rewards!

To commemorate the launch of the game next month, DHGames is allowing you to boost your rank by redeeming code HE77 for 30 Advanced Summoning Stones, and you can also log in each day for an additional 100 free draws.

You will be able to download Heroic Expedition from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store when it releases for mobile on 7th April. Pre-orders on Google Play are now live with iOS pre-registration available soon.

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