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In FIFA 19 EA Sports Takes Out the Special Ultimate Scream Cards for Halloween

FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream Card
FIFA 19 Ultimate Team becomes FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream. This is the annual Halloween event hosted by EA Sports in FUT mode. At the same time, it is the first big event to be released in FUT 19. Each player item is scary enough with permanently upgraded stats, but they also receive temporarily high ratings boosts during Halloween and specific periods throughout the season to make your FUT squad even more frightening.
The FIFA Halloween Scream Card is a special player card that EA introduced from FIFA17. The same card is divided into normal and transformed. The value of the scream card in the normal state is generally 1 point higher than the ordinary gold card. The screaming card is in a normal state sleeping most of the time, but during Halloween and the full moon night the 15th day of the lunar calendar, it will become awakened, and its ability will increase and its value will increase. The transformation during Halloween lasts for 4 days, and the transformation of the full moon night lasts 2 days. Then you fell asleep again and returned to normal. Note that capacity improvement is temporary and not permanent.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream Card


How long does the horror player scream card activity last? Since the official release of EA, it usually lasts for one week. Welcome to Buy FIFA 19 Coins ahead. More news for FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream Event will be updated here, stay tuned. During this week, you can drive to the scream card. There will also be relevant SBC activities during the period.
What does the value of temporary growth mean? The value of all terrorist players will increase temporarily during Halloween and on the full moon night. For example, last year's Sturridge, the initial scream card value is 83, will grow to 90 after the transformation. After Halloween or the full moon night, return to 83. What happens to the terrorist player card after Halloween or full moon night? The data is restored to the initial value.
Can a terrorist player card trade? Yes. There is a numerical increase during the transformation, and you can flicker white when you arrive. How are terrorist players selected? Selected by the EA based on the player's actual performance and corresponding values.
FIFA 19 Scream Card Advantages And Uses:
The location of the screaming card player sometimes has a surprise. For example, last year's Pericic, usually LM, the location of the scream card is CAM. Very easy to use. After the scream card is turned, it is a very good SBC material. You can count the date, buy it in advance when the scream card is in normal mode, and then increase the value after the change, which can be used as a high value SBC material.
Who impressed from the recent football fixtures to earn a spot in the FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream Team? Here we will show you the possible FUT 19 Scream players we would see in this years Halloween event. For every full moon is Scream-Time and the 23 players receive massive rating increases. Everything you need to know about FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream can be found here.