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KartRider Drift will be Free To Play on PC and Xbox One in 2020

During the Inside Xbox at the Microsoft event X019 that is taking place in London, the company that made great announcements of games from its new family of studios at Xbox Games Studios, revealed an interesting Karting game that will be Free To Play on PC and Xbox One in 2020.

KartRider Drift whose development is in charge of Nexon Games, will focus on high-speed racing with Karts, very similar to others that exist in the industry, however, this game, like the previous KartRider, will be F2P and will debut in the Xbox One and PC platforms (via Steam and Nexon Launcher).

During their presentation on the X019, Nexon developers announced that there will be a Closed Beta, where all those who sign up will be able to participate, whose registrations are already available on the official videogame page, so from now until next 3 December we can sign up to participate in the beta that can be played through Xbox One and PC. If you want to Buy KartRider Drift Coins, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

As indicated on the official site, the quotas for the Closed Beta of KartRider: Drift are limited, so they recommend doing so as quickly as possible, other noteworthy information is that the game, for legal reasons, will have certain limitations and it will not be available in some territories, with Cuba being the only country excluded from Latin America.

In addition the Beta of KartRider Drift will have two modes to test, the Object mode and the Speed ​​mode, the first will have 5 tracks to test and the second 2, we can also choose up to 3 characters and 8 different Karts that we can customize at will . Finally, they highlight that there will be no impediments for content creators, since there will be no embargo or confidentiality agreement by Nexon or Microsoft regarding the Closed Beta, so it can be recorded and even broadcast live if They want it.