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Madden 18 Game Play have been Changed

To begin with that we would like to provide you with what we feel are one of the most exciting gameplay changes which are coming to this year’s Madden.

There’s an auto flip mechanic where you should set it so that the AI will conveniently change to take on the actual offense. This is simply the tip of the ice berg while there is a lot of changes you can also make that will ultimately grant you with additional control of what happens on the field.

Less “Accidents”

That one is interesting. EA have asserted that fumbles are being dealt with differently and won’t just produce a big pile on on the floor. Players already have a much higher prospects for grabbing a fumble and making something happen. Also there’ll be much less dropped interceptions naturally this does depend on the rating to your player.

Skill Based Gameplay

Remember any time you could just hold down the button and anticipate to make an interception? Well not anymore. Ballhawk Skill Mechanic requires you to time your button press exactly if you need to intercept the pass. The Hit Stick Skill Mechanic is similar for the reason that to land hit sticks you need to time it beautifully.

Size & Weight

This coming year EA has produced some changes for the player’s weight and size and the way it will alter different outcomes. As an example a smaller lighter player with virtually no momentum is going to have a tough time tackling a greater guy running with the ball. Although with some momentum and merely the right timing you can also make a stop.

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