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MapleStory M Boss Battle Zakum Raiders and the Bishops Will be the Focus

We believe that in MapleStory M, the most challenging Boss is the super powerful Zakum. Zakum, known as the Avalokitesvara, has a very strong strength, but needs to organize a very average team to attack it. Now, we have some small tips to help you, and the test to knock down this powerful Zakum.
Basic Conditions:
1. First, the team must have at least two Bishops in the team
2. Remember to carry a lot of drugs (including HP and Mana's tonic)
3. It is recommended that the entire body be equipped with Epic-level weapons and equipment. 4. At the same time, it is recommended that the blood volume should be 10k, and the DPS should also be about 15k.
4. Be sure to have enough tanks, and using the Hyper Body in the Dark Knight is one of the best options.
5. It is recommended to have 4 turns of vocational skills.

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The first Stage of Boss:
First of all, players must first Raider Zakum's eight hands before they can explore its body. Although the strength is strong enough, the players can separate the two teams to attack the left 4 and the right 4. However, the players of the first Raiders are more likely to concentrate on the four sides of the firepower Raiders. After the completion, they will only make half of the four hands. At this stage of Zakum, it will release the tricks of lightning, stone throwing, etc. and these tricks can be ordered by pets to use tonics and quick tonic. But the most deadly move at this stage is the poisonous fog.
Zakum releases deadly poisonous fog to certain players, and the poisonous fog deals 6 to 10k damage every 2 seconds, so it is very deadly. At this time, Bishop's career can be played, because Bishop can summon the Holy Fountain to make a life for the teammates, reducing mortality. But what players should remember is that when you have died in the poisonous fog, don't spend the rebirth token, and observe that there is no poisonous fog before you determine the rebirth. If the players' team is DPS enough, they can attack 8 hands in about 16 minutes and move on to the next stage.
The Second Phase of Boss:
The second stage is Zakum with only three bodies left. At this stage, Zakum will release some disturbing magic, such as canceling weapon/magic skills, reduced accuracy, not jumping, etc. Debuff, but these are not too big problems. The problem is the skill of the flame totem. Zakum will release a Fire Totem attack at random times, which deals 10k damage and Stun you. This can prevent your team from doing DPS damage and dealing great damage to you.
Therefore, if players see a special mark on the ground, remember to dodge, because this is where the flame totem will fall. However, players must also forget that Zakum will also summon small monsters to block your team. If you have any sort of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can make use of Buy Maplestory M Trading, you could call us at our own webpage. This is what players remember to launch Fever to clean up these mobs.
The above is a small series of different combinations of different statements, and then sorted out the Zakum Raiders small recommendations. Players can refer to this article and then develop different strategies. At present, MapleStory M has officially landed on Android and iOS platforms. If the players are interested, click the button below to download and play. If you are interested in knowing more about the latest trends in MapleStory M, check out the official Facebook page for more information.