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MIR4 free online role-playing game has just arrived on Steam

MIR4 has caught eyeballs with the inclusion of blockchain technology and the presence of Nun-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that can be traded and experienced in the form of characters. The game developed by WeMade is set to launch in 170 countries over the world and in 12 languages across Android, iOS and PC on August 26.

If you are a lover of the Korean role-playing game genre, for example, Silk Road (SilkRoad), Tera or Blade & Soul, then MIR 4 will be a name not to be missed at the moment. This free online role-playing game has just arrived on Steam.

Mir 4 is an open world oriental fantasy MMORPG integrated with BlockChain technology, through Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and Fungible Token (FT), allowing for profit buying, selling and trading. In addition, the game also allows for a high level of character customization, allowing players to adjust the appearance of their characters, along with other "traditional" features of the genre, such as the ability to progress along with a clan, loot modes, allowing players to enjoy strategizing and compete to protect treasures left by bosses, and much more.

How was the game received in Korea? Mir4 was released in South Korea in November 2020 and was a big hit. At times it was the most downloaded game in the app stores at the time. The developers even had to adjust the number of servers to the onslaught.

Players battle to take control of the Valley, which is the hub of all Darksteel. The users can also access free loot all over the world but must remain wary of others looking for the same while doing so. The game also has a cross-play feature, with the release scheduled across platforms like Google Play Store, Apple Store, Steam and more!

In MIR4, you will choose 1 of 4 main character classes including warrior, swordsman, mage or Taoist with distinct strengths and weaknesses. Each class corresponds to the main weapon type and typical combat skill system. As a Made in Korea product, it's not surprising that MIR4 possesses extreme graphics - this is the strength of kimchi games.

The launch of Mir 4 in the west was also accompanied by a great success. That is, due to the great flow and interest of players, it was necessary to open new servers in North America and Asia. The developer also announced the opening of teaser sites to track the current quote and other information for the Draco currency and character trading site, which will debut in September. Mir 4 is available for free for Android and iOS via the Google Play Store and App Store, and PC via the official website and Steam (only in other regions).

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