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New penalty mechanism make it better in FIFA 17

FIFA 17 is released now and when we talked about FIFA 17, we admired it. If you have tried the new version, you will be sincerely convinced about the changes. EA contributes to make a great FIFA 17 and in fact, it does. FIFA 17 broke the record of FIFA 13 when it released in UK. By far, FIFA 17 still stays in NO.1 in UK charts. Apart from the new story mode and frostbite engine, some new features contributes to FIFA 17's success including new attacking techniques, physical player overhaul, active intelligence system and set piece rewrite. The set piece rewrite gives you more creativity, variety and control in the most decisive moments of any match.
Now you have the freedom to position your player and dictate their approach on dead balls, allowing for a wider variety when taking free kicks and penalties. Except the free kick changes in FIFA 17, another big change is the penalty kick. Spot kicks are even more challenging to adjust to than free kicks, if you’re a returning FIFA 16 player. It’s taken two weeks of FourFourTwo moaning that they are broken to adjust to the new system, and even now we prefer the old one.
In FIFA 17, the penalty corner and processing becomes more delicate. The new positioning ball system make you can use the cursor to select the foul ball placement, and you can still use the long pass key to obtained the impact point by controlling the intensity. On other aspects, further strengthen in the physical confrontation, the new close protection action allows players to effectively block the invasion of the opposite, holding the ball. The player AI improved, especially during the offensive, computers players would take the chance to attack the ball when the player instantly adjust their movement routes, or re-post moves.
Anyway, over to Rivera: “For penalty kicks, the mechanic is now completely different. Once you get it, we think it’s much better - like taking a regular shot. Use the right stick to line up your player, then the left stick to start your run up. You can sprint with RT/R2, slow down with the LT/L2, and obviously at this point need to hold down the shoot button. The faster you approach the ball, the more powerful it will be – but also the higher your margin for error.