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Phantasy Star Online 2, will receive its first big content update, Episode 4, in August

cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta SEGA has announced that their massively popular online action RPG Phantasy Star Online 2 will receive its first big content update Episode 4 in August. The saga continues on PC and Xbox One.

Players of PSO2 become a member of a research expedition called "Arks," which belong to a fleet of interplanetary cruising ships setting out to a research a variety of different planets. Visiting places for the mission (quest) always evolves into a fresh and surprising adventure including auto-generated maps sudden events and a Multiplayer Party Area where up to 12 players can play together simultaneously.

The real ARK members will now be able to unlock a new level cap and explore new locations Tokyo and Las Vegas as they continue their adventure to solve the mystery of the black shadow and purge the planet of these fierce enemies.

The North American version of Phantasy Star Online 2 includes fully localized text and character voices in English spanning three years of content. In addition to the immersive original PSO2 story the NA version also features the most-up-to-date balancing and quality-of-life improvements from the Japanese service. Players can choose from four races and nine classes while tackling various missions. They can also take a break from questing by playing one of the many Casino mini-games chilling in the Alliance Quarters competing in the new ARKS League or attending all-new live stage events. And they will be able to do all of this with friends on both PC and Xbox One thanks to cross-platform play.

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