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Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is an entirely new story set far beyond the scope of the original

This is an urgent message to all ARKS Operatives, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis officially released globally June 9th 2021, and has transitioned SEGA’s popular Phantasy Star series into uncharted territory. With the introduction of features, such as Battle Power, Region Mags and an open world to adventure in, does Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis’ new additions bring the series one thousand years into the future as the story suggests?

Right now New Genesis is about where PSO 2 was at during launch in terms of content: that is to say, it’s roughly 15 hours worth of story and a tenuous endgame, which relies heavily on how much you like playing as a whole up to that point. The campaign will end around level 13-15 or so (the level cap is 20 at the moment), and from there, you have the opportunity to embark upon Urgent Quests (boss battles that are the main endgame at the moment), level up all six classes on the same character, or try and max out your loot. Core chapter beats will frequently divulge bits of story regarding the conflict against the DOLL threat, then ask players to meet a “battle power” requirement, which serves as a way to gate people from continuing.

Much to my delight, this is an entirely new story set far beyond the scope of the original, with a global day-and-date launch. Now, it’s still going to have some weird voice acting choices (at least it’s fully voiced!) and some paper-thin characters. If that’s really bothersome, you still have the option to fully skip basically every cutscene in the game with a quick button press.

In PSO2 it’s pretty fast-paced and feels almost like Devil May Cry a bit, although a bit slower, but NGS just absolutely nails the speed and intensity you’d expect after watching the trailers. This is one of the only MMOs I’ve played in which the actual gameplay matches the cinematic trailers nearly perfectly and it absolutely drips with flashy action that’s insanely exciting to behold.

Combat is just as interactive. It’s fast and the aforementioned movement focus ensures that you’re always zipping around, seeking out enemy weak spots with positionals. Some of the bosses are towering and formidable, and when I’m in the fray with a group of diverse classes, it feels like everyone is contributing: and looking cool while doing it. Dashing and very big super jumps allow you to get up to the level of skyscraper-high enemies, and the floaty combat lets you stay there and bash.

New Genesis is more than just a graphical update of the aging game, Phantasy Star Online 2. Yes, the new shiny visuals go a long way to bring the game into our current generation, but these enhancements only take New Genesis so far. Probably the most notable stand-out feature is the presence of the open world. In Phantasy Star Online, players would sidle up to a quest counter and pick from a steep list of biomes to travel to. In NGS, leaving the safety of Central City organically puts players against all manner of enemies they will have to overcome to progress through this new world.

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