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Review of mobile strategy Art of War 3 Global Conflict

Gear Games’ Art Of War 3 is a fully-fledged real-time strategy video game for Smartphones, made by a Russian studio Gear Games in 2018, and the game has been going strong ever since. It has expanded its popularity and community if nothing, and it enjoys high praise on most sides, apart from the in-game monetization system which we will talk about down below. We will do a full in-depth review with guides for AoW3: GC in the second part. Oh, and by the way, Art of War 3: Global Conflict and Art of War 3: RTS Strategy Game is the same thing.

The story campaign Art of War 3 tells the story of the confrontation between two factions - the Confederation and the Resistance. These two factions do not directly copy Command & Conquer's GDI and NOD, but the similarities are clear. The Confederation is a bloc of countries of the golden billion, led by the United States. Technology and powerful military equipment are on the side of the Confederation. Just like GDI. Resistance - a bloc of developing countries of the second and third world, who believe that they are not on the way with the Confederation. Having proclaimed freedom, justice and "their human rights" as its goal (as it is written on the official website of the game), this faction sees the only way to achieve its goals is armed resistance. The Resistance is on the side of speed, stealth and surprise. Doesn't it look like NOD.

There are 3 Different Types of Battles
There are 3 types of battles in this game, namely tournaments, world wars, and missions. The tournament itself can be played with the condition that you have a Class II Major. You can also fight with certain missions. Where the mission is divided into 2 levels of difficulty, namely normal and hard.

Upon choosing your faction, the players go through a single-player story campaign, which also teaches them all relevant things about in-game mechanics, units, and stuff. Of course, the metagame, as with all real-time strategies, is in PvP action, and later on, this is your bread and butter. The strongest point of AoW 3 is how the game handles combat, which is to say that I, personally, have never seen a better handled real-time strategy action war game on mobile devices. It is fully featured as PC games of the same genre. You can control every single unit individually or in groups, build your bases, harvest resources, train units, capture points of interest, develop tech, and use it all for your strategy.

The player will not be given the opportunity to build cards anywhere. The training of infantry units and the preparation of military equipment takes place in special buildings, such as barracks, a machine plant, a special machine plant (analogous to a technical center), an aircraft plant, etc. covers the building yard. Unlike C&C, where the main building is selected and all units are prepared in it, in AoW 3, parallel training of army units in the same buildings is possible, as was the case during Dune 2.

There are additional tasks
Each type of battle of course costs money to do battle and later you will get a prize if you win the battle. However, if you can't pay the fee, you can fulfill the additional tasks that are available.

When you have fulfilled the task, you will get a reward. Both in the form of credit and golden credit. Later these prizes can also be used to upgrade items and to buy boosters that are useful during battles.

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