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Rogue Company has a new playable Rogue is Kestrel

Rogue Company, the free-to-play 4v4 team-based action game, just kicked off Season 1. The new stuff is already available on all platforms, meaning that fans can jump into the goods immediately and probably die a lot while blaming lag or something. The season brings with it a brand new rogue in addition to the game’s first battle pass. That’s that thing where you pay money to unlock more cosmetics and little dances to erase the soul-sucking doldrums of your existence. The battle pass contains 50 cosmetic items, so players have their grinding cut out for them as they slowly fill up experience bars.

Rogue Company
’s new playable Rogue is Kestrel. She’s one of the founding members of Rogue Company and has been retired for quite a while, until now. The elite organization really needs her back in the fold to even the playing field against the Jackal. As a true professional, Kestrel has answered the call. Armed with two new automatic weapons and the active ability to unleash self-driven rocket-firing drones make her a force to be reckoned with. In terms of passive boosts, she uses her reputation for excellence by claiming extra cash every time a target is downed.

Other than the new Rogue, the developers roll out the first Battle Pass of the game including new sprays, new avatars, new weapon wraps, and four new Rogue outfits. Purchase the Battle Pass and you will get the Hellfire Protocol Scorch outfit as Season One’s most unique cosmetic. Along with that, you will get Stunt Double Dallas, One Shot One Kill Fixer, and Tough Guy Trench outfits as well.

Per usual, you will be able to unlock Kestrel for free through gameplay by using Reputation, or you will be able to purchase her using Rogue Bucks. For players who intend on buying all eight Rogues which will release in 2021, Hi-Rez added the brand new Rogue Company: Year One Pass. The pass will unlock all eight 2021 rogues, as well as the winter themed NorthStar Phantom outfit, three Ice Out weapon skins, 500 Rogue bucks, and more.

If you’re looking to spend cash, take note of the Rogue Edition which is now available for £19.99. It unlocks all eight playable Rogues from last year and presents you with 500 Rogue Bucks.

Rogue Company is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC through Epic Games Store.

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