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RuneScape and Old School RuneScape from Jagex are officially headed to Steam

Old School RuneScape Money The popular MMO RuneScape and Old School RuneScape from Jagex are officially headed to Steam. This will be the first time the original RuneScape has appeared on Steam 20 years after its initial launch in 2001. For the longest time you were only able to play the game via Jagex's website but now it'll be available via Steam. It's all part of the developer's plan to "bring the RuneScape universe to more players globally." Bringing the game to another platform will likely engender some additional players as well.

On Steam RuneScape will include bespoke membership packages and achievements a new RuneScape Community Hub and Steam-specific guides announcements articles and media. It can be assumed that RuneScape will remain free to download but offer premium subscription memberships. Old School RuneScape a different version built from the 2007 build of RuneScape will soon follow.

Old School RuneScape

RuneScape‘s arrival on Steam won’t split the playerbase if people want to jump over to the Valve version. Cross-platform play merges all PC players and enables users to link their existing RuneScape account to Steam to carry on with their existing character and gear. This functionality also comes to mobile players where RuneScape is currently in early access.

"Jagex is on a mission to bring the RuneScape universe to more players globally," says CEO Phil Mansell. "Following our games' arrival on mobile stores OSRS Gold we are now expanding the availability of the desktop versions. Making them accessible to the Steam community is an important step in achieving this goal. We're excited to see RuneScape debut on Steam from October 14th and look forward to Old School RuneScape's arrival next year as we enable even more gamers to access and explore our rich and engaging living game worlds."

Otherwise it's well worth taking a look at RuneScape and viewing it as something of a history lesson of games gone past as well. These games come from and were borne from a simpler time in gaming. It's especially cool that Old School RuneScape still exists in any form you have to hand it to them.

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