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Special FIFA 17 Ultimate Team packages for celebrating Black Friday

Have you buy this valuable special packages for FIFA 17 Ultimate mode throughout this Friday started in November 25? FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in FIFA game. Ultimate Team mode is the greatest gold mine of EA Sports and it is fair to say that they deserve such profit because many claim that it is the best thing that has ever happened to FIFA game series. In FIFA 17, there are something new - FUT Champions and Squad Building Challenges.
FIFA Ultimate Team or commonly known as FUT is a mode in FIFA where you build teams using any players from all the leagues to play offline and online. It’s not like Career Mode here you buy the players you need from the clubs they are at but rather like a stock market where the same player is owned by multiple teams. You shouldn’t be surprised if you end up playing someone with the exact same starting XI as you. This promotion is purposed to drawback previous players who feel the difficulties in getting extra points. Also, the promo will also interest some new players who are a soccer fans.
During the event, "FIFA 17" producers expect that there will be improvement on sales as well as players' retention rate. Here some detailed information about this special packages. The Ultimate Team in "FIFA 17" has reserved some special packages, such as Happy Hours and Lightning Rounds, which give the player, in addition to its differentiated content, the possibility of getting more rare cards. The Lightning Rounds and Squad Building period starts at 12:00 this Friday, and a new pack of each will be available in the store every hour.
There's more, the Rare Gold Pack Package, which features Players and Club Items, consists of twelve cards, all of them Gold. This collection reserves, in its contents, twelve rare letters. The purchase limit is ten packages at the cost of 25,000 coins, or 500 "FIFA 17" Points each. The Jumbo Premium package, with Players and Consumables, has twenty-four cards, being twenty gold and four silver (the collection has seven rare cards). There is no purchase limit for this package and its price is 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points.