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Spellbreak manages to feel both familiar and fresh all at the same time

As the battle royale genre evolves into a standard multiplayer format, so too must the games evolve to pull an audience away from the big names like Fortnite and Call of Duty This has led to a few big indie hits, such as Fall Guys and Escape from Tarkov, taking aspects of battle royales and changing them just enough to create something fresh and unique for their target audience.

Standing out from the pack is harder than ever in an ever-more crowded battle royale genre. The kings of this particular hill are already free-to-play on a variety of platforms with years of updates and refinements under their belts, but the team at Proletariat may be onto something that can make a mark with Spellbreak. It’s pretty magical.

The cute design, reminiscent of anime, manages to immediately impress, creating a nice fantasy atmosphere, with its handling, which is learned almost instantly, achieved through a third person perspective, something that we believe will greatly facilitate Fortnite and Fortnite players. PUBG due to their intimacy with the third person.

As a radical “Battlemage” wizard, you have no need for mortal firearms. Instead of guns, your weapons are different elemental gauntlets. You pick one of these gauntlets before starting a match to shape your general playstyle as you’ll have their distinct abilities for the entire round. Do you want to shoot powerful fireballs, long-range ice missiles, or waves of toxic goo that poison opponents over time? You also find more gauntlets on the battlefield to equip on your other hand, giving you access to two elements at once. Spellbreak is more of a third-person, competitive multiplayer, action-RPG than a standard shooter. It reminds me of Smite’s close-up, action-packed take on MOBAs.

Your player, or battlemage, has various magical abilities, with the coolest being that your movement is not limited to boring walking and running, as beyond that he has the ability to hover and can actually be in the air for a quite a satisfactory period of time, almost flying, we would say. In your initial entry, after a short and informative tutorial you choose one of the available skins (later there is the possibility of obtaining additional skins some of which are free), and then your class, as well as an elemental magic glove, the which will determine the key element you will use throughout the battle.and updates.

Matches are quick and full of action, and that’s due in no small part to the fact that everyone begins with a pre-selected duo of powers from wearable class gauntlets. The Pyromancer, for example, can shoot fireballs and summon a wall of flames, whereas the Stoneshaper can send tremors through the ground to hit enemies and hurl giant boulders. It all feels very Avatar: The Last Airbender and I mean that in the best way possible. In total, there are already six total classes and they offer a ton of variety.

As a battle royale, the closing storm serves as the standard timer to keep gameplay moving, but it also serves to level up the players as they enter smaller zones. With each smaller zone comes greater power and utility for the combatants, so those last circles can become utter chaos if enough people survive.

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