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Spinoff Far Cry New Dawn is Launching Tomorrow

PC Gamer's conclusion was that Far Cry New Dawn is just Far Cry 5 again, "on a smaller scale and with a post-apocalyptic paint job". The two main antagonists, twin sisters Mickey and Lou, are so "inconsequential" that PC Gamer forgot to mention them in their review. They occasionally threaten you over the radio but leave you alone while "you completely dismantle their entire army". The final showdown also wasn't to PC Gamer's liking and they described it as "just another bullet-sponge boss fight". They gave it a 70 out of 100.
The story is basically a continuation of Far Cry 5, so spoiler alert here. If you finished it with a certain choice, you'll know that it ends in a disaster which completely obliterated life on the surface for six years. Those who were hiding in underground shelters then discovered that earth is blooming once again and decided to return and try to rebuild the society. Of course, just like with every post-apocalyptic setting, communities formed and while some of them were working together to rebuild and start over, many bad guys used the opportunity to form factions and gangs, to control the new world. That's the set up for the game in the most simple of terms.
Beynon, who is Deep Silver's head of global brand management said that Metro trilogy finale will find its audience in mature and serious gamers who love a good story and single-player experience. "For me, the natural audience for this game are people who have enjoyed things like Horizon: Zero Dawn, or something like a Witcher grown-up, mature, serious single-player, story-driven experience," Beynon said in a interview. He also said that Metro Exodus isn't comparable with Ubisoft's Far Cry New Dawn which also features a post-apocalyptic setting. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to Buy Far Cry New Dawn Credits, you can get hold of us at our own web-page. "You could say maybe that Far Cry is a competitor because it's also post-apocalyptic, but I think that's quite a shallow comparison," Beynon explained.

The photo description mentioned pink as a new Rage colour and asked the fans to get pumped for a gameplay reveal. "Huh, I guess pink is all the RAGE? Get pumped for new RAGE 2 gameplay coverage next week" it's written in the tweet. Far Cry's official Twitter responded to the photo by sharing New Dawn's story trailer and mocking back Bethesda for copying their artwork. "Glad you like our art. If you also need a new trailer, here’s a good one," Far Cry Twitter wrote. It's like a neverending circle of a "You did it first" argument.
Even the animals are affected. Ever wanted to do battle with a fauna that looks like it was stripped straight out of a No Man's Sky comedy compilation video? Then look no further. Especially when there's a multicoloured turkey standing in front of you. Gaudy foliage and laughable wildlife aside, there's a new threat in Hope County the Highwaymen. Think Mad Max extras in 90s-WWF legends The Legion Of Doom cosplay, and you'll get the picture.