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The Amount of Activities Found in MapleStory 2 is a Little Staggering

In addition to gathering in your home or out in the open, you also have a daily limit to gathering in another player's home. This number is separate from your daily limit in your home, so make sure to do this. After leaving the map, to go back, just open up the Maple Guide and click on the big Begin Lesson button. This trick may not be necessary depending on the price of Onyx Crystals. The level design in the game is awesome as it uses a lot of platforming mechanics to break up the typical flat surfaces.
Rune Blader uses the two-handed Blade and combines it with magic enchantments that give their attacks elemental power. Although the developers said they didn't want to add new jobs anytime soon, only 6 months after MapleStory 2's launch, the first new job, Rune Blader, was released. In addition, this patch had:

The Maple Guide


Increased number of character slots to 9
Quest experience rewards increased by 1.5x
Keys no longer required to enter dungeons
Boss Monsters will disappear if not fought for 5 minutes
Clues to the new area, Karkar Island
Elite Monsters have been nerfed so they can be soloed
You can do 10 Adventure Dungeons per day, and 30 per week, meaning if you consistently reach the daily cap, you'll have to spend 4 days without doing any dungeons. One natural assumption is that a Nexon game is going to be a little demanding on the wallet if you want to get serious with it; however, that is not the case with MapleStory 2. If you have any queries relating to in which and how to use Cheap MS2 Mesos, you can get hold of us at our own web-page. You have to be able to fish to catch an Octopirate. At around Level 13, you'll get a quest under the Maple Guide menu to get your fishing pole and learn how to fish.
When you reach level 5 Mining and Foraging, you will receive a mission to unlock an Berg Island and Alkimi Island that has every type of node in clusters of 4. For equipment that you cannot dismantle or sell on the black market, feel free to store it in your bank if it's not character bound to give to another character that can use it, or sell it to an NPC for some money.
Maplestory 2's approach to leveling is fun. You are given multiple ways to level up your character such as, questing, side missions, social games, grinding, world bosses, exploration, and life skills. Since it's MapleStory, you can fish in water, oil, poison, lava, and more. You can fill out your fishing journal and receive special fish themed rewards. When building a house, there is no way to place multiple blocks at once, and the act of placing blocks causes a brief lag spike, which makes creating floors and walls painfully slow. You'd be surprised how big you can make your house and how many items are available without spending a cent.
In order to perform on the street anywhere in Maple World, you need a musical instrument. Defeating them earns you experience and possibly gear drops. This is currently touted to be one of the more popular ways of leveling after hitting level 60, compared to running the story quest line. You can create or purchase Music Sheets that automatically play composed songs. You can also create parties to play songs together with others.