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The animated comedy series Family Guy could find its way into the Fortnite in some capacity

Epic Games have introduced a plethora of different crossovers during Fortnite Season 5, with content from God of War, The Flash, and Predator making its way to the battle royale. Street Fighter was the latest crossover, but Epic aren’t stopping there.

As if things couldn’t get weirder in the world of Fortnite Battle Royale, several leakers decrypted a potential Family Guy crossover. This revelation comes on the heels of Epic Games’ most recent collaboration with legendary fighting game Street Fighter. The series’ two most notable characters - Ryu and Chun-Li - now have playable cosmetics in the popular Battle Royale game. Those two have joined the Terminator, Predator, Mandalorian, Snake Eyes and many others who Epic introduced into Fortnite this season. It now seems possible that the animated comedy series Family Guy could find its way into the game in some capacity.

Joining an expansive roster of tough-looking characters like Batman, Ninja and Master Chief will be Peter Griffin. While this might sound strange at first to many, fans who are familiar with Family Guy might recall Griffin being able to really put on a fight — like that drawn-out chicken saga. Still, that image of Griffin running around alongside the likes of Batman may be a weird sight. The leak came from a new datamining effort, which pulled some backbling textures. Epic Games has yet to comment or publicize the news.

This recent leak fit with another leak regarding an XL skin. Data miner, @Mang0e, tweeted about an XL skin coming to the game. Peter would fit this mold quite well.

Originally, Mang0e said that Thanos was the only XL skin in the game files. We thought that Epic may be releasing Thanos as a playable skin – a move that makes sense but isn’t nearly as exciting as the prospect of playing Fortnite as Peter Griffin.

We’re all very excited to see a Fortnite X Family Guy crossover, but this is only speculation. We can’t get our hopes too high until we hear an official teaser from Epic.

We might see Peter Griffin battle it out with Ernie the Giant Chicken on Fortnite island if we’re lucky. They might even get other characters from the show to pop up in the battle royale. At the moment, this rumor has its share of skeptics.

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