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The Booming Games studio has roll out Season VI Scourge of Winter from Conqueror Blade

The Booming Games studio has roll out Season VI "Scourge of Winter" from Conqueror's Blade. Along with the traditional Battle Pass updates to the MMO of military conquests, this new season brings a lot of new content, sometimes PvP but also PvE, all in a new winter environment.

In addition to a brand-new campaign, new units can be promoted to the ranks of players’ armies, and a Battle Pass bursting with heroic rewards invites warlords to fight for them all. Fresh PvE content is also coming later this month, where the bravest warlords must retake dangerous marauder encampments found throughout the ruins of Ostaria, and rebuild them for glory and exclusive spoils.

Season VI: Scourge of Winter invites players to experience:
  •        A New Campaign - The North is Fallen. Until March 2021, players will have to face off against the Scourge of Winter and its terrible Defilers, deep in the frozen lands. Heroes around the world must join forces if they are to take revenge and reclaim the North from the forces of darkness.
  •         Unit promotions - This new threat will require reinforcements. Completing the season's unit challenges will promote certain existing troops to the ranks of lansquenets (from today), Ribaud Lancers (from December 28) or Liao scouts (from January 18).
  •         Dynamic weather - The northern roads are dangerous and treacherous. Ostaria is an inhospitable land raging with terrible snowstorms.
  •         The Royal Falcon Tavern - The weather might be terrible, but the warmth of the fire and the festivities offered by the Royal Falcon Tavern in Turul Város are so enjoyable! This new location offers solace in the face of freezing weather and the threat of the Defilers. Warlords can enjoy a good winter beer here to warm their hearts and accept quests from NPCs.
  •         The Battle Pass - Completing new challenges throughout the season will unlock over 100 free and premium rewards, such as the Redeemer Unit Dress or the Archon Hero Dress. Obtaining the Battle Pass instantly unlocks the Defiler's massive hero costume.
  •         Legacy of War - Hero's Tokens, a kind of seasonal currency, grant 11 new weapon skins inspired by Defilers. Players can also harvest Blades, a new seasonal currency that can be used to unlock old, updated cosmetic items, including armor variants that are no longer available since Season 2.
  •         New PvE Content - The fiercest defenders of the North can help reclaim these fallen lands in a new PvE mode, which launches on December 29. Following in the footsteps of the Defilers, marauders have invaded the ruined strongholds of the Ostaria region. Players will need to help repel them and use their resources to rebuild the Garrisons to earn exclusive rewards, including the Frost Assassin, Blizzard Soldier, and Frozen Steel armor sets, as well as the The coveted Blood Archon Hero Formal Outfit, a variation of the level 100 reward of this season's Battle Pass.

Conqueror’s Blade is available to download and play for free now from Steam.

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