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The gameplay as a whole in Metro Exodus is quite good

The Metro series has always contained one of the bleakest and, by extension, most believable post-apocalyptic worlds ever created in the gaming medium. Forget Fallout’s V.A.T.S. system, forget chainsaw bayonets and especially forget the chaotic sun-dappled knock-around in fields of pink flowers in Far Cry: New Dawn.

What happens when there’s nothing left yet humans desperately cling to any hope they can to stay alive? What happens when you’re seemingly one of the only ones left with morals and mental sanity? How much does it truly take to break someone’s spirit before they tap out? Metro Exodus is the third game in the Metro franchise and seeks to shine a light on these questions and concepts.

You play as Artyom, the returning protagonist from the previous games. Now a battle hardened ranger and married to boot, he cannot stop searching for other survivors on the outside. This quest leads you on an epic journey beyond the Metro with your friends aboard the massive locomotive Aurora.

Metro Exodus pulls players out of Moscow’s clanking subway tunnels and into the gutted husk of the city above, sending them on a journey that is motivated by equal parts optimism and good old fashioned Russian pragmatism. Along the way they’ll encounter myriad beasts, horrors and skin-crawling revelations, but also camaraderie, bonhomie and the commodity in most short supply in the world that the characters inhabit – hope.

Subsequent chapters take you even further from the familiar: you visit the baked plains of the dried-up Caspian Sea, a Mad Max-style dystopia where a dieselpunk warlord controls the precious supply of water; a Far Cry-esque forest town overrun by lethal boy scouts; finally you descend once more into the metro system, where the tone veers towards psychological horror, complete with a piano playing in an empty room and horrifying shapes flashing across the periphery of your vision.

The gameplay as a whole in Metro Exodus is quite good, not perfect but it’s good. Those who didn’t like Red Dead Redemption 2’s gun maintenance or Far Cry 2’s gun jamming mechanics may want to wade carefully into Exodus. Upkeep is very important, your ARs will overheat, jam up, and all your guns collect dirt and grime that needs to be cleaned off to ensure it performs at peak performance. This is a survival game after all but some may find this somewhat intrusive during really intense firefights.

Character models are great but feature some wooden looking animations at times. The game sticks with its minimal and immersive user interface approach from previous games. Rather than numbers and on-screen meters, you need to look at Artyom’s gear and listen for your Geiger counter to keep tabs on ammo and radioactivity. This is a dark place where you can practically feel the chill and smell the oil on your weapons, grounding the game in gritty realism.

The audio in Metro Exodus is also all over the place. Guns and standard sound effects sound pretty good but dialogue sounds really terrible. From bad line readings to awkward pauses in conversation to bad sound mixing, it was hard to listen to. Sometimes you’ll be standing a few feet from someone but the way it’s mixed makes it sound like they’re far away or in an entirely different room.

A hell of an adventure, Metro Exodus is a gritty, story driven, well-paced game packed with tension, punchy gunplay and player choice. The atmospheric world is grim and believable yet also beautiful, and characters are interesting and compelling. Combat is challenging without being punishing, and the open areas are a liberating change from the relatively confined spaces seen before.

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