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The recent launch of World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands expansion

WOW Classic Gold This isn’t the first time WoW has ventured outside of Azeroth; we’ve already seen the destroyed orc homeworld of Outland and even the terrifying depths of the Burning Legion base of operations on Argus. But the various afterlives of the Shadowlands are on a completely different plane of existence and prove that Blizzard’s zone designers can still surprise us. The soaring angular spires of the city of Oribos and the muted dreamlike fields of Bastion effectively sell the idea that we’re really not in Elwynn anymore with their otherworldly architecture and diverse denizens. The skies are filled with enigmatic gates and impossible light shows of twisting energy. The colors are far less saturated than we’re used to seeing on terrestrial Azeroth and the creatures who live here are bizarre distinct and wonderful.

World of Warcraft

Now it seems those predictions are coming true. Following a pattern that should be familiar to many players jumping in on the first game of an online game’s launch World of Warcraft’s servers were overrun when Shadowlands was released. Two days later Blizzard is still having trouble keeping up with demand as it noted in a recent forum post. Blizzard community manager Kaivax posted about what the developer is doing to alleviate problems with the queue saying that the developer is “working around the clock” to get things back in order. Kaivax says that capacity on some of the hardest hit servers was increased to deal with the influx of players but the cap had to be lowered again to deal with stability issues it caused. Blizzard is currently looking to let as many people into the game as possible without crashing servers which is proving to be a tricky balancing act.

The battle for the souls of the dead is undeniably compelling and we can confirm that so far it’s also a lot of fun. The Shadowlands expansion gives new and returning players a chance to explore four new zones and a new capital city. It’s also designed to make it easier to get at the game's wealth World of Warcraft Classic Gold of new content and ensure the whole experience is as accessible as possible even for absolute beginners.

More importantly the entire Shadowlands concept seems to have brought out the best of the game’s talented artists and designers. Each zone in Shadowlands essentially serves as a different version of the afterlife. This idea is beautifully demonstrated by Shadowlands’ starting zone Bastion which is a kind of an Elysian Fields version of the afterlife where angelic figures roam fields of wheat. It stands in stark contrast to the next zone Maldraxxus where necromancers train the souls of the damned as well as warriors who refused to stop fighting even in death.

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