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Update for FIFA 18 PC,this is the 1.07 brings

The PC version of FIFA 18 has received the update 1.07 which comes to respond to technical errors presented by the game. The console versions will receive the patch soon.

This patch includes bug fixes as well as changes in Ultimate Team mode and general gameplay.

Now version 1.07 has arrived to PC. This will correct different freeze errors of the game. Apparently scoring a goal in certain circumstances made the program stop responding such as holding a goal when the goalkeeper scores a goal.

Other errors that have been corrected is on the control of a foreign player to your team for a game of skill this rarely occurred but it was really annoying. In the FUT squads that had tactical values ​​over 100 they have been restored to normal parameters.


-Problem when the jog button was held while a goalkeeper caught the ball caused the animation to get up in spite of standing.

-Corrected character disappearance error while pressing the "dribbling" buttons in the practice mode.

-Update the settings of the practical mode now the movement and mechanical options are shown instead of just movement.

-Corrected the online mode where the captains or players who just transferred the captaincy were disconnected and the game was frozen.

-Added the ability to watch the FUT Champions Channel reps at a lower speed (0.5x).

-The single-player camera of the FUT Champions Channel was removed.

-Removed the reset button that did not work on the menu in the same way.

-Change the name of the FIWC stadium to FeWC.

Changes to FIFA Ultimate Team:

-Corrected the visual error in which the opponent saw a different kit than the player from the other side had chosen.

-The images that did not appear in the FUT Squad Battle will be loaded.

-Changes in the pause menu counter that unintentionally triggered the FUT Champions Channel replay mode.

-Corrected the jump in the selection of players in the list of the FUT Champions Channel.

-The tutorial mode will no longer appear in the repetitions of the same function.

FIFA 18 is now available for PC PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 and Switch. This new title offers a more polished gameplay and improved graphics and among its main features highlights the return of The Journey mode along with a Story Mode. In related news FIFA could stop being an annual game in the future.

From Vandal we dedicate an analysis that you can read in the following link as well as a guide that we also invite you to consult.

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