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World of Warcraft Classic remains behind Battle for Azeroth

In August, the global market for digital video games is growing slowly, with mobile games again having to compensate for declining PC games. One of them is World of Warcraft, whose Classic offshoot activates subscribers, but still lags behind the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

Mobile games approach two-thirds of total revenue
An estimated $ 8.9 billion is said to have been distributed by consumers worldwide this year for digital video games and in-game content, SuperData Research reports. This corresponds to a narrow growth compared to the same period of the previous year: In August 2018, only about 7.47 billion US dollars in sales were achieved. This puts August this year behind some $ 9.2 billion and $ 9 billion in June and July, outlining a stagnant market.

A breakdown into the three categories of mobile games, console games and PC games finally shows a familiar picture: the latter two are declining, while only the segment of smartphone and tablet games continues to grow. Last month, mobile games accounted for around 62 percent of total industry sales. In August 2018, it was still about 57 percent. Also, the summary of the entire last year certifies the mobile games in terms of sales the absolute majority.
Pokémon GO is prospering in summer, World of Warcraft only partially

The revenue in August 2019 was supported, among others, by Pokémon GO, which last month was the largest player in terms of sales at $ 276 million - solely through microtransactions. Thus, the smartphone game reaches the highest monthly sales since the release in the summer of 2016. This is only partially surprising, since the revenue of the game given by the augmented reality concept in each summer increases, in August, developer Niantic but still in addition to numerous In-game events helped.

On the PC, meanwhile, well-known games lead the list of the highest-selling titles; World of Warcraft is among them, not the World of Warcraft Classic launched at the end of August. While Blizzard's online role-playing game increased subscriptions revenue by an immense 223 percent in relation to July 2019, overall revenue was still below that of the WoW expansion Battle for Azeroth last year. Thanks to that addon, the MMORPG generated around $ 161 million in revenue in August 2018.

Sports simulations are replaced
However, among the sports simulations, which are almost permanently represented in the highest-grossing console games, at least in the case of EAs Madden NFL 19, a slight decline in sales is evident. In the case of the football game this is accompanied by falling sales: Compared to NFL 19 in August, the month of release of both offshoots, sold about 6 percent fewer units. Pre-orders from July this year were taken into account.

2K Games' basketball simulation NBA 2K19 continues to grow, but more slowly: In the first seven months of this year, the title's in-game revenue increased by an average of 91 percent year-on-year, but it was only 39 percent in August. As a reason SuperData elicits the upcoming in August and on September 6, 2019, the market launch of the successor.

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