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WoW Classic Player Shares Best Way to Combat Ganking

On November 12, a World of Warcraft Classic update introduced the Honor System, and players have been on the hunt for honorable kills ever since. While some fans are currently enjoying the game's new incentives for PvP, the imbalance that exists between the two factions on most servers has turned the WoW Classic Honor System into a point of frustration for many players. Indeed, rampant ganking and camping is making it difficult for some players to find any enjoyment in the game at this time, but one fan is looking to provide these players with a clever solution.

Specifically, Reddit user LetMeSpoilThisForU has outlined a method that Horde players can use to fight back against camping during this WoW Classic phase. This method can be employed in Everlook, Gadgetzan, and Marshall's Refuge, and it revolves around a quest called Are We There, Yeti, which is obtained in Winterspring.

What the source player discovered is that the Yeti will attack members of the opposite faction, turning red and counting as a civilian if killed. So, mages that have been using AoE spells to kill low-level players can be in for a rude surprise if you throw that Yeti in the mix. The reddit user claims to have already affected "250 Horde members" who haven't been very happy. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Vanilla WOW Gold For Sale.

Other users have also found ways to summon fragile NPCs. Killing Nerub'enkan in Stratholme can get you the Eye of Arachnida, which summons a fragile eyeball that grants Dishonor when killed. This method is far from infallible, but it will make those campers think twice about trying to farm your deaths for kills. Instanced Battlegrounds that will give players a chance to fight in more controlled settings are on the way, but Phase three is still a few weeks away.

For the uninitiated, players that are attempting to grind the World of Warcraft Classic Honor System are certainly keen on avoiding dishonorable kills, as they adversely impact their honor rank. While some will find LetMeSpoilThisForU's tactics questionable, others may believe that desperate times call for desperate measures, and it would not be remiss to classify the current state of WoW Classic World PvP as such.