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YesterMorrow Has Launched On Xbox One, PS4, Nitendo Switch and PC

YesterMorrow Currency On paper YesterMorrow is a really neat concept for a game. A side-scrolling adventure its main twist is the ability to jump between two separate timelines spaced several years apart. You play as Yui a young girl whose life is thrown into disrepair after her home is destroyed and her family kidnapped by ‘Shadows’ during the Festival of Light. Wracked with guilt for failing to act quick enough she sets off on an adventure to reverse her misfortunes save her family and fix her past.

YesterMorrow tells the story of Yui (who has a Japanese name for no reason) a young girl who is the daughter of the Forest Island’s timekeeper. Timekeepers are part of a generic order that work to hold back the game’s generic shadow enemies. Early in the game Yui’s village is attacked by shadows and she runs off to go summon the Grandmaster (whose name better be Flash) to help fight the onslaught. But she falls into some ruins and all hell breaks loose. The plot jumps forward several years to when Yui is older and the world has fallen to shadow. It’s really basic stuff and there isn’t much to see here narratively. It’s competent but very familiar.


Time travel in video games is something of a storied tradition. In YesterMorrow there are shades of several Zelda games: A Link to the Past Oracle of Seasons and especially Ocarina of Time. And while it is thrilling to go from the blasted future to a vibrant and colorful past the time travel aspect doesn’t have as much of an effect on puzzle-solving as players may expect. YesterMorrow is at its best when it forges its own path Cheap YesterMorrow Currency creating devious platforming puzzles that require careful thought and precise movement to conquer.

This game is filled with dozens of creatures challenging bosses and even more to discover. Use your withs to avoid combat and brains to solve puzzles as you use the environment in unique and exciting ways.

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